Art Prints I Designed for RedBubble and Zazzle

Written by Ethan Kogan


June 17, 2020

I decided to start making patterns to sell on RedBubble because I learned a new method in Procreate from a course I took. I have made two patterns so far, and they are on RedBubble. The first pattern I made was Watermelon and Raspberry, I like this one because these 2 fruits taste and look good together. The second pattern that I’ve made so far is a Lemon and Lime pattern, this is a citrus pattern with some stars.

You can look at the different patterns here or you can go here- to look at different products with my prints on them.


Also, I started putting my designs on Zazzle too. It’s pretty much the same as RedBubble, but you can create multiple shops under one account as a-pose to Redbubble where you can only create one shop per account. So if you want multiple shops than Zazzle is a good option. Here is my shop.

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