Moving into my House/Prep and Paint Our house

Written by Ethan Kogan

June 11, 2020

If you read my last blog post, you may know that I just moved to Washington. My sister and I moved in when we got here, and my mom came later with a moving van. We had to unpack everything, but not into our house. We have to redo some of the house to make it look nice. Before my sister and I got there, my dad riped up the carpet because we wanted hardwood floors. Also, we have to paint the rooms because the color isn’t what we wanted. The kitchen needs to be redone because only 2 or 3 people can stand in it.

These are only some of the boxes from the moving van. There are a lot of boxes from our old house. 

We got all the boxes out of the moving van and the garage is filled! We have a little spot to walk through but other than that it’s filled. The house is smaller than the older one but other than that I like it. My bedroom is big(which is good) and it’s in the back of the second floor. In our old house it was the opposite, it was very small and in the front of the second floor. Like I said we took the floors out and were starting to paint this weekend. It’s good that we’re starting now. Hopefully everything’s done by the time school comes around.

We caulked all the holes in each room.

Today, we prepped each room for painting tomorrow. We washed each with a cleaner to make it nicer and easier to paint. Then while they dried we caulked the holes. Each room had a lot of holes to fill.

We used the BEHR Ultra Stain-Blocking paint.

We started painting my room today. I rolled the paint on the walls, and my sister took a paintbrush and edged the edges. We have to put two coats of paint because the colors were dark. We started by cleaning the walls with soap and water because the walls were dirty. Then we sanded the spackle so that we could paint the walls. After we painted my room, this is what it looks like.

This is the first coat.

This post is part one of a new series I’m creating called House Adventures with Ethan. Let me know what you think in the comments. This might be a long series because there is a lot to do in our new house.

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