Part 2: Prepping more for painting/painting

Written by Ethan Kogan

June 28, 2020

Monday, June 15-Today, we did much prepping and fixing walls. Since a part of the wall was loose and if you push it with little pressure, it goes in, my dad had to take a rectangle piece of drywall out because multiple areas were going in. He let me punch the area that was going in because we had to have a way to start cutting the drywall.

Then my dad took off the baseboards so we could get flooring in. While my dad took them off, I had to scrape off the calking. After we took off the calking, we plastered them using some Joint Compound. We had to touch up more in my room before we could paint, but at least there wasn’t a lot.

Wednesday, June 17– Today, I worked on my art/blog while my mom finished painting the white walls. If you didn’t know, one of the walls is going to be painted blue. Also, that night when my dad got home from work he added drywall to the hole that we cut out/I punched and then they spackled it. My mom painted my room for a while

Last week my mom started to paint on of the walls blue. I didn’t like the blue because it was a bit dark, so she is going to paint it using white. Instead of the white, I chose to do shiplap in on the wall because it will match with my bed and a desk.

Friday, June 26– In the morning, I went hiking with my dad, but while I was walking, my mom was busy painting. She finished my room and almost finished the hallway. She also started painting a coat of paint in my sister’s room.

Saturday, June 27– Today my mom and dad started painting early so they can get a lot of it done.

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