Texture Brush Set


Product Details

These fun and creative brushes are perfect for anyone's style! Each brush is handmade and has a really nice effect to it.

Here are the brush names in the set:

Faded Droplet- This brush reminds me of raindrops falling from the sky and landing on a window.

Paint Strokes- I got my idea for this brush while my mom and I were painting one afternoon. We painted a ton of different marks on our canvas, so I scanned it into my iPad and turned it into a brush!

Space- This brush reminds me of space and the stars because this texture looks like tiny stars. This would look good in a space-themed pattern.

Paint Scrape- This texture has a paint feel to it because every time you touch the screen there will ve a different paint scrape!

Granite- I called it Granite because it looks like it with the different dots and patterns in it.

Scratch Record- This has the same texture as an old scratchy record player.

Old Paper Scuffs- I crumbled up a recycled newspaper and dipped it in paint and dotted it around the paper to create the old paper effect

Scrape Texture- This one is similar to the scratch record, but the one difference is it's softer than the scratch record.

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